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Law Variations, Replacements and Game On Principles

Before every match, you should familiarise yourself with the laws and regulations for replacements/ substitutions. The attached document should help:

Replacement Numbers by Cup/ League Competition:


Sevens in the Borders is a key part of our rugby heritage. The game of sevens was created by Ned Haig, in 1883 at the Greenyards in Melrose. Now we have 10 senior tournaments, 8 semi-junior and various other age-grade tournaments. Make sure you read-up on the law variations: Law Variations | World Rugby Laws

Competition Rules

Some leagues across Scotland and in regions operate differently. In particular, knock-out cup competitions feature requirements in the event of a draw. Make sure you take a look at the competition rules at the start of the season and if you are unsure of anything contact your coach or the allocations secretary. Competition rules – Scottish Rugby