Heart of Hawick Music Festival


Gus Ryan, Steven Turnbull and Sean Niven after refereeing the 2018-19 Border League final between Melrose and Hawick.
The assistant referees ready for action at the 2019 Melrose sevens.
Hollie Davidson refereeing at Melrose sevens 2019 – the first ever female to do so.
BRRS annual outing to see our sponsors at Glengoyne distillery.
Ross Mabon in action in the Waverley Cup Boxing Day clash between Gala and Melrose.
Border refs in action at the Peebles sevens in 2018.
Sean Niven refereeing the semi final at Berwick sevens in 2019.
Referee Ross Mabon with a bottle of Glengoyne whisky presented to the winners of each Kings of the Sevens tournaments.
Graeme Hastie after refereeing his final game at the 2019 Kelso sevens before retiring through injury.
Grant Denholm, Sam O’Neil and Gus Ryan proudly modelling their Glengoyne-sponsored strips.

Officials ready for action at Gala sevens 2019.
The referees for the 2019 Melrose sevens featured three Border referees.
Referee Chelsea Gillespie in action at Hawick Sevens 2019.
Borders rugby referees in action at Hawick Sevens 2019.
Referee Chelsea Gillespie in action at Hawick Sevens 2019.