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How To Become A Referee

It is really quick and simple to become a referee – there are a few steps to go through and you will be supported along the way.

Step One

Head to the Scottish Rugby website (linked below) and view the available courses. Each course includes a mixture of online and practical learning while an experienced referee will supervise your first game to offer additional support.


Step Two

If you decide to join the Border Rugby Referees Society this will open greater opportunities to advance your refereeing career. Joining the Society will enable you to be appointed to games in the Borders away from your own club. You will be well supported when you join.

Step Three

Once you have completed your some initial appointments, you and your coach will decide if you are ready to progress to refereeing other games in the Borders. You will continue to be supported by your coach and by the society.  The Society pays travel expenses every month for all games and once you have committed to referee on a regular basis you will be supplied with refereeing kit. If things are progressing well and you wish to continue to develop you may be recommended to attend a level 2 refereeing course.

Step Four

This is the part which is down to the individual.  Refereeing can take you to all parts of Scotland and further afield. This part of the journey involves you being promoted to the Referee Academy or Development Squad and undertaking your Level 3 Refereeing course. Following this you may be promoted to the SRU panel and then to the Elite Panel. Upon reaching this stage you may find yourself refereeing age grade internationals, pro games and refereeing abroad.

If you have no desire to move up the ladder nationally you will be very welcome to continue refereeing within the Borders.